Bazinno Rass (aka Buzz)

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The Perfect Pony Club Horse

16hh KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Date of Foaling 30 June 2006 , 13 years old

KWPN (Certificate of Origin Validated on 16 Nov 2006)

A complete joy!! I can’t stop smiling 🙂

SIRE: Umenno – 29 April 2001

Dam: P. Zermie – 4 June 1997

His Dam is from the fabulous Dermie damline that has produced many International show jumpers and approved stallions.

His amazing Sire has the most exceptional jump and they are the spitting image of each other. Just check out this video…..


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Buzz came to me after being with my client for a little over 2 years. They were a fabulous partnership but when time came for my client to head to University she felt he deserved a home that would have more time to go out and do the things he loves, namely show jumping and dressage. And with someone who would have more time than a first year student who needed to focus on her studies.

This jump felt amazing!!

Buzz has previously competed at dressage up to Prelim, show jumping up to 85cm and loves his jumping… no ridden vices and perfect for someone transitioning from ponies to horses.

Prior to my current client he was owned by a teen who, I’m led to believe, didn’t like jumping so she focused on Dressage. She claims to have ridden up to Novice and he rides exactly like that with a good understanding of working into a contact, good 20m circles with great transitions. I can’t find any record of him in BD which leds me to believe that what she did was unaffiliated or with the PC. (Previous owner from April 2014 – July 2017)

Such grace

Heresay; this is where it gets a little sketchy. However, I have spoken to the breeder, which was very enlightening. They sold Buzz as a weanling to a National Level show jumper in the South of England at the beginning of 2007. Unfortunately when the recession hit in 2007/8 things became difficult for the guy who owned Buzz and it’s believed that he was sold off as a 3 or 4yo. So it’s that owner who is a mystery and we know nothing about him during this time (2008-2014). However, he was bred by Solaris Sports Horses in Scotland and has fabulous bloodlines.

Check out his baby pictures here……. Baby Buzz

More Baby Buzz

He takes gridwork in his stride; literally

A simple fence and he clears it beautifully

1.1m made to look easy

A few words from his current owner, filmed above

“Bazinno Rass is a stunning gelding and I’ve owned buzz for 2 years now. Originally I bought him as a dressage horse who I wanted to do a bit of everything with. What attracted me to him was not just that he is stunning and has beautiful paces but also his personality was a key factor as he is just the friendliest horse who loves to please! He’s always happy to see you and hes so affectionate he will even groom you whilst you’re brushing him! Together over the past few years we have competed and placed in many local show jumping comps at 75/85. We’ve also been to a few dressage comps, xc schooling, hacking out alone and in company. We have had so much fun but now I’ve made the difficult decision to sell him as I am now at University in Nottingham and was unable to take him with me.”

I want to find him a home where he will continue his active, competitive lifestyle as he just loves his job. He does need an experienced, confident rider as he is forward jumping. Must be a 10* home for this special boy and I would love to stay in contact if possible just so I could see how he’s getting on.”


Buzz is so graceful and calm whilst competing at Dressage, check out the video below of him doing Novice Test 23


A complete pleasure to ride and he looks so very stunning

One word. . . .Elegance

A forward going show jumper who is always ready to carry the rider into the next fence (I apologise for the quality of the video)

I’ve also taken Buzz to our local XC schooling course and he absolutely loved it; check him out here just popping over a couple of 80 & 90cm fences.



Likes and Dislikes

Buzz is happy to either live out or in the winter come in at night. He’s a really good doer and likes his food, whilst with me he’s been on hay when stabled.

He loves to hack out and I’ve taken him out both alone and in company, through fields and the local woods. When in company he’s as happy in front as he is behind, although he did struggle to keep up with an ex-racehorse at a flat out gallop 😉 He’s fabulous always and 100% in traffic.

Click here to see that Buzz is Great to load. He is such a great lad!

Excellent to shoe, load, clip and catch. Plus he’s been so good hacking that I often use him to ride and lead.

Great ride and lead

He is a very clever horse, very quick to learn and will give his all with everything he does. However, that said he can be impatient. By that I mean he’s good to load and to travel, but when in the box he wants to be underway to get where he is going. Then when you get to wherever you’re going he wants to get out and get underway. This impatience shows as his pawing at the ground which isn’t great in a box so I when I arrive at a location I get myself ready as quick as I can and unload. Then if I need to register or see a secretary then I walk him around with me. As soon as he’s onto whatever task it might be he settles and is a fantastic ride. I’m going to take him out in company in the trailer to see if this impatience is less when he has a friend with him.

EVERYTHING else has been completely 100%.

Such power and great energy; love this guy!!

To sum up he’s a great competition horse as he is amazingly flexible who’s perfect for Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country.

I feel his ideal home would be with a very confident teen who is looking to progress from Ponies to Competition Horses for PC activities.

The prettiest horse on the yard

He has 3 correct established paces and is currently working at Novice Dressage and Jumping 95cm out -1.1m at home. He’s forward going with excellent control, working nicely off the leg. Great to handle and a lovely character to have in the yard.

Kind eye, the best!!

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The awesome pictures that you see here of Buzz and me are courtesy of the amazing Tegan McCann, of Tegan Photography – some pictures are kindly donated by his owner, some from my mum 😉
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I look forward to doing some more work with Tegan in the very near future so watch this space. . . .

1m Faultless!
This horse is sooo graceful
A horse bred to be a head turner
“What’s going on over there?” Buzz, always interested

I wasn’t going to add this video but I really think it does capture this great horses spirit. This was the first warm up fence of a XC training session. He didn’t even bat an eyelid, just went “Oh yes, so we’re jumping now”. It’s not a big fence at 60cm but a lovely demo of his fabulous nature.