Young Rebel [SOLD]

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The Perfect Schoolmaster

16.1hh Irish Sports Horse

Date of Foaling 10 May 2002, 17 years old

Irish Sports Horse (Certificate of Origin Validated on 02/02/2006)

Amazingly kind eye

SIRE: Rich Rebel (USA) Breed TB

Dam: Lisreagh Girl Breed Irish Sect A (King of Diamond)

Moves beautifully and is a real head turner

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Rebel came to me after having been in my client’s riding school for about 8 months. However, it became clear that not only was his talent being wasted but he really was not enjoying the environment… he’s missing the 1-1 attention he deserves.

Rebel has previously competed at dressage up to medium level, BE up to Novice and loves his jumping… no ridden vices and perfect for someone transitioning from ponies to horses.

Click here to see his British Eventing record

Prior to my current client he was owned by a lady who didn’t like jumping so she focused on Dressage. She claims to have ridden up to Medium and he rides exactly like that with a good understanding of many advanced movements, counter canter, canter leg yields and simple changes etc. I can find no record of him in BD which leaves me to believe that what she did was unaffiliated.

Absolutely Loves, Loves, LOVES his jumping

Here say; this is were it gets a little sketchy. The owner before her was a lady in West Sussex and we know nothing about him during this time.

Before that takes us to his BE days where we have the records (See link above), but from his passport we can see that he was kept in one family for several years and I would suggest that this was due to the fact that he is such a good horse. It’s during this time that we believe he hunted as well.

Click here to see such focus from Rebel when he’s jumping, you may need to watch the beginning twice to just see him totally concentrate and engage when he see’s the fence

Such a pleasure to ride I don’t think I could smile more πŸ™‚

Rebel makes this 1m grid look easy and effortless

Rebel is so graceful and calm whilst competing at Dressage see a Novice Dressage Test here

Likes and Dislikes

More than happy with a little grass to munch on

He prefers to live out (not happy when stabled for too long), he has been barefoot without problems but I hack around flint paths and it just wasn’t fair so I put shoes on when he came to me.

Loves his food but can get a cough when on hay so I’ve had him on haylege or soaked hay and he’s fine.

That’s when he’s just seen the jump and realises that we’re no longer doing flat work

Click here to see that Rebel is Great to load, even waits for me as I go the wrong way (such pressure when the camera is rolling πŸ˜‰ ) He is such a great lad!

Excellent to shoe, load, clip and catch (as long as he’s already wearing a field-safe headcollar). Great to hack out on his own or in company and I often use him to ride and lead as he’s so good. When in company he likes to be in front but has a good set of brakes on him.

The perfect ride and lead with his friend Stig

I strongly recommend he isn’t taken hunting or on fun rides, we know he’s hunted in the past and I feel this has soured him to being out in big groups. When I did take him on a fun ride he appeared to have a switch that was flipped and he became very unpredictable. Because of this I’ve put him through many more ‘tests’ and taken more time with him than I maybe would have done to ensure I knew exactly what type of horse I was selling. EVERYTHING else has been completely 100%.

Yeah, we’re off!!

To sum up he’s a competition horse as he’s an amazing schoolmaster but he’s not a hunting or fun-ride horse

I feel his ideal home would be with a confident teen who is looking to progress from Ponies to Competition Horses for PC activities.

He has 3 established paces and is currently working at Elementary Dressage and Jumping 90cm-1m, although he’s done more in the past. He’s forward going with excellent control, working nicely off the leg. Great to handle and a lovely character to have in the yard.

Price [SOLD]

Rebel was sold in Aug 2019 to a fabulous family. He’s was going to be ridden by an amazing Teen who is completely dedicated and focused on her riding and who has a passion for Show Jumping. Within a couple of weeks there were already out competing and were placed Second!! Great and fabulous happy ending to this Young Rebel’s Story.

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The awesome pictures that you see here of Young Rebel are courtesy of the amazing Tegan McCann, of Tegan Photography
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a: London, Hertfordshire & Surrounding Areas.
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I look forward to doing some more work with her in the very near future so watch this space. . . .

Great jump and he just fills you with confidence
So relaxed and calm
Little fences or big he loves them just the same
Perfect paces
See the scope of his jump (taken at the riding school)
He’ll just carry you into any fence