Full Name: Terdaad

DoB: 2 May 2008

Chestnut Thoroughbred

Sire: Shamardal (USA)

Dam: Akrmina (GB)

Perfect Boy

This amazing lad has been through so much in his life. He raced until 2014 where he was bought from Godolphin Re-homing by Rebecca, seen below. She worked on re-training him, continuing the work started at the re-homing centre, to be a good all-round riding horse but this wasn’t without it’s problems as he was diagnosed with Kissing Spine in May 2017.

Beautiful boy have a proper photo shoot with his Owner, Rebecca

Kissing spines may affect up to 40% of horses. This painful condition occurs when the dorsal spinous processes (DSPs) (the thin bones that project upward from the vertebra of the horse’s spine) are touching or “kissing”.  Teddy was operated on for his Kissing Spine in June 2017 and he spent the next year off work rehabilitating.
In him there were 7 areas of impingement identified as being the most active, during the operation a small 1-2 cm incision was made at the site of impingement. The inter-spinous ligament between the two affected DSPs were cut, relieving the pressure and increasing the space between the DSPs. This process was repeated for all of the 7 areas of impingement along Teddy’s back. 

2 weeks post op
6 weeks post op

A year after surgery Teddy went back under saddle. This wasn’t without it’s issues as he was so used to there being pain that his initial reaction was fairly extreme for this usually very laid back horse.

Not impressed after Kissing Spine surgery

However, over the next year he really started to come into his own and was enjoying everything that he did.

In April 2019 he moved down to St Mary’s Farm whilst Rebecca was in the latter stages of pregnancy with her second child. This allowed her to focus on being a mum until she was ready to have him back. Since coming here he’s been an amazing member of the herd and a complete pleasure to ride. Teddy’s done a little of everything and lots of hill work, which is perfect to help his back to continue to improve and strengthen.

Teddy with his best friend Stig

In March 2020 Rebecca made the heartbreaking decision that she felt her concentration and focus must on her family for the immediate future and that Teddy might like to stay with us at the farm for a little longer. So, after much deliberation we spoke and agreed that Teddy was going to remain with us for the foreseeable future.

Ex Racehorses idea of heaven

And what a bright future we’re hoping it will be. He will continue with his role as a great hacking horse but we’ll try and get him out to compete but in dressage, show jumping, and maybe even a little XC if the opportunity presents itself.

Teddy’s first jump clinic at Gracelands in Oct 2019, he wasn’t making it smooth but he was very sweet