It’s got to be fun!

SO you read all the way to the end of the About Us page and now you’re curios about why we’re called Graceland Equestrian.  You may also seen that on Facebook I’m called Lise-Marie Elvis Collins – ever wondered why??


Well, we’ve got the military to blame for that one.  You know how those crazy kids in the forces really love nicknames for everyone; if you’ve got the surname White then you’re going to be called Chalky, or every Roland is Rolly and all the Mills are Millseys.

Week one of flying training and everyone is trying to think of cool nicknames for everyone on our course; at the time Michael Jackson had just married Lisa-Marie Presley in what we can only assume was an idiotic publicity stunt.  So everyday she was in the news with her Dad, Elvis, as the tabloids went to town over this hot bit of gossip.

And that was it, someone said “Lise-Marie…Elvis”; now just like that I had a nickname.  To this very day lots of people still call me Elvis and possibly don’t even know my real name.  It’s fun, it’s unique and I ‘owned‘ that name.

If someone’s going to be called Elvis, and they’re going to run a business, what better name could there be? And so was born Graceland Equestrian, thanks Elvis

“I’m not sure she’ll fit in the door!”
“Elvis must learn that she cannot take the horse everywhere she goes!!”